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Comment from the late Tamrat Ejigu


“Your books combine three important issues. The first one is the issue of religion versus science which often are thought to be in conflict. You have shown us that they are not contradictory but complimentary. The other very impressive part is your own suffering in the hands of the junta cadres. It is a wonderful and impressive story which will attract film makers because of its dramatic nature. Your positive outlook of the human nature is reflected. The third part is the scientific explanation of creation, nature and the universe. This issue has been a focus of many philosophers, but no body has ever explained it in an interesting way  like you.  You have succeeded in presenting philosophical and religious thoughts of high value in beautiful Amharic. Now our kids have something to refer to in times of hot debates.”



Comment from Birku Menkir


“I had some time to read more of your absorbing poetry and see your art work which I admired. I am amazed about all this creative work... Although the themes in your book and the poems that followed are not dissimilar, your poetry is very powerful.


The current predicament in the country (fragmented/ ethnic politics in Ethiopia) can be resolved if we return to a God-centered consciousness that will lead to peaceful co-existence and unity. Unfortunately God is not even in the vernacular of the regime as well as the various opposition parties and groups in Ethiopia. The convenient excuse of the so-called principle of the separation of state and religion has made political discourse, faithless, hateful, sterile and non-redeeming. As you pointed out politics has become more of the same in various disguises. I know this would be a giant leap but my wish and prayer is that someday we are all able to transcend our current predicament and walk in the Light. I believe that your poetry will contribute to this end and, of course, the rest of us have to strive to this end as well.”



Comment from Dr. Moges Bizuneh


“...Regarding your books, having served in the EPRP army in the Semien mountain region, I could relate to some of the hardships you went through in Addis Abeba area. ..I can't imagine the humiliation you were subjected to while fleeing from kebele officials. For me, once I left Gondar city and moved to the Semien Mountains my mind was at peace and I started getting sound sleep. As you know very well, the problems we faced in the EPRP army was food shortage and extremely poor hygienic condition. Day in and day out we received rationed nifro... Some how, by some unknown miracle, both you and I have survived, recuperated, started a new life and raised our families in new environment.  We are the lucky few because so many of our comrades were brutally murdered by enemy forces...”



Comment from Birku Menkir on a Poem:- Knlowledge not always being a blessing.


Thank you for forwarding your highly introspective and philosophical Amharic poem focussing on the danger secular knowledge poses as being inimical to our spiritual life and being. I like the Biblical references starting with Henock. You have amply demonstrated how evil dominated human behaviour and how our secular world's rationalism and evolution theory have divorced us from our God-given soul and humanity. You have also given it the Ethiopian Orthodox Faith context that  should interest our Church leaders as well as congregation members. It is well written and very powerful if read with attention and meditation. May God help us to overcome evil. Amen!











"የሰው "እውቀቱ - እምነቱ" አንድ አደረገው? ወይንስ ለያየው? በሰውና በሰው መካከል ያለው ልዩነት እየተባባሰ የሄደው በሃብት ብቻ አይደለም፤ "በእውቀት - በእምነትም" ጭምር ነው እንጂ። በሃብት ከመበላለጥ የሚከፋው "በእውቀት - በእምነት" መበላለጥ ሳይሆን አይቀርም። ታዲያ እንዲህ በየአቅጣጫው እየሰፋ የሚሄደውን ልዩነት ለማጥበብ መፍትሄው እርስ በርስ በመግባባት አንድነታችን መሆን አለበት።"



"How can we narrow the gap between extreme ideas? And how can we narrow the gap between the so called the intelligentsia and the ordinary?


Let us undrstand one another and unite among ourselves and also with the Almighty God.." 

አምላክ ሆይ! እባክህ አንተ የሚያቀራርበንን ጥበብ ለግሰን።

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